Vacuum Conveyor

Vacuum Conveyors are the obvious choice when products must be moved over longer distances and torturous routes. Vacuum conveying is usually restricted to throughputs of around 10 tons/hr at distances up to 330 feet. This is a system that you will typically see in coal mining operations.

A vacuum conveyor uses air to convey materials through a pipeline. It provides a solution for users requiring a system that is easy to route. It has very few moving parts, is dust tight in operation and empties a product leaving minimum residue in the storage container and the conveying tubes. Since the air is sucked-in the vacuum conveyors are the preferred choice for toxic or otherwise hazardous materials because the tubes contain all materials and minimize release to the atmosphere.

Vacuum systems are normally the only conveying choice for customers when its necessary to suck material out of bags or other open top containers such as kegs and drums. These type systems are also ideal for pulling materials from multiple sources. Reverse jet self-cleaning filters clean the conveying air and return the air to the atmosphere after use. These type filters reduce maintenance and minimize product loss.