Conveyor Belt Types

Gravity Rollers

gravity_rollersGravity rollers are perhaps the most simple conveyor system you can install and can support almost any amount of weight.  Able to support from 95lbs to over 4,000lbs per roller, and being available in straight and curved segments, these conveyors are extremely versatile for your business.

These systems are better used for conveying boxed or enveloped materials which wont slip between the rollers.

Powered Belt Conveyors

powered_belt_conveyorsPowered Belt Conveyors are best purchased for businesses which need to have maximum traction between the conveyor and their items. Irregular packaging is a common tip-off that you need a belt, rather than rollers or skates.

These conveyor systems can also be used to maximize the usage of floor space by conveying, reclining and/or elevating various materials from one machine or stop to another.

Skatewheel Conveyors

skatewheel_conveyorsBased off the Gravity Rollers Conveyor System, the Skatewheel Conveyor System is a great stand-in for conveying lightweight packages from one location to another. These machines use a series of 3+ wheels in place of one bar to create a very flexible solution. It is recommended you use this system to only transport boxes and/or materials with a large, bottom surface area.

Powered Roller Conveyor System

powered_roller_conveyorsThe Powered Roller Conveyor System is simply a Gravity Roller with a motor. The rollers are aligned vertically as well as diagonally however, does not rely on gravity to offer forward motion of the materials. These systems are perfect for transporting materials horizontally across the warehouse space or going against gravity (up an incline).

Remember to purchase rollers which can support the estimated weight of your product and/or materials.

Flexible Power Conveyor Systems

flexible_powered_conveyorsThese systems are ideally used to load/unload trucks, distributions centers, shipping and any other job which requires flexibility on a regular basis. Just like the other conveyor systems, the Flexible Power Conveyor Systems range in height, length and weight specifications.


When purchasing any Conveyor Belt System, you will need to purchase the necessary tracks and mounts to support the system (Most manufacturers and retailers will state this on their online-stores). Additional accessories are usually linked on the website and may vary depending on brand.