Flexible Screw Conveyors

Flexible screw conveyors are often the simplest and least expensive for moving a variety of materials at up to 40 tons oer hour over a distances of up to 65 feet.

These conveyors are mainly constructed of a stainless or heat-treated and tempered-carbon steel screw that rotates within an ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene food grade tube. For most applications that will be used the spiral has a round cross section but a flat version can also be used for fine and easily smeared materials. The term “flexible” refers to the fact that these conveyors can be curved to some extent. This lets users route the conveyor around obstacles.

Flexible screw conveyors are designed to operate when full of material. Running empty leads to excessive noise and wear. It is also not recommended that these conveyors be used to move large slugs of material. Instead, they are best used to move materials from storage to a weigh hopper or vessel. For example, they are ideal for maintaining a constant head of material in packing machine hoppers by gently filling rather than dumping in bins. Because material flow is constant, flexible spiral conveyors deliver accurate, highly repeatable batches if controlled by a simple timing switch. This lets the conveyor operate more efficiently and makes batches more accurate.

The main benefit of flexible-screw conveyors is their inherent simplicity. This leads to low initial cost, quick installation, and low maintenance. Food and dairy versions for example are very safely stripped down quickly for cleaning.

Wear is only a problem with abrasive products. Life with other materials is almost indefinite. Tubes and screws are easily replaced. One of the latest developments is abrasion resistant rubber tubes for such applications as aggregates, sand, cement.